Water Filter Systems: What They Can Do

If you ask around people you know or even a random stranger passing by about what type of water they drink, you will most likely hear them admit to drinking tap water and finding nothing wrong with it. However, if you do a quick search online, you will find that tap water is not as harmless as we think it is. In fact, it is actually very dangerous for us given the high amounts of contaminants and chemicals that are found in it. In order to avoid this potentially affecting our health, we should opt for a water filter system instead. In case you do not have one, you can visit drinkfiltered.com and see what they have to offer.

  • A water filter system can help remove arsenic from your tap water. Everyone knows that arsenic is not something you want to be ingesting and we will explain why. Arsenic is basically a carcinogen that has been found to be linked to numerous types of cancer.
  • When we hear fluoride, we think of toothpaste, which is inherently good for our oral health. However, ingesting fluorine compounds is bad for us since it weakens our immune system and has also been found to be potentially linked to other diseases as well. Your water filter system can remove that for you as well.
  • Aluminum is another harmful substance present in our municipal water supply and has been known to be linked to causing a plethora of health issues like liver infections, skin diseases, hyperactivity and even ADHD. So, making sure that this is removed from your water filter system is necessary.
  • Chlorine is used to clean water, but when high amounts of chlorine is used, your water supply ends up getting laced with Disinfection Byproducts which are also seriously harmful for our health as well.

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