Reasons You Should Explore Ancient Architecture

About to travel to New Castle for work or vacation? Well then this page is a necessary stop for you if you’re still figuring out your plans for New Castle. You see, the city of New Castle is one that’s constantly evolving so there’s a whole lot of new to explore there. You’ll see all sorts of local trends that are new to you, you’ll find so many cool new ideas that people have as they go about their business that’s it’s hard not to get lost in all these cool new experiences.

While we really want you to enjoy all the progress New Castle’s been making over the past couple of years, we feel that you’ll be doing this anyways. However, if there’s one thing you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in New Castle, then it’s the architecture. And no, we aren’t talking about all the new tall buildings, though they’re quite something as well – we’re talking about the ancient yet still functional buildings of New Castle that have centuries of history still living inside them.

You don’t have to be an architect or a student of architecture to behold the Castle Keep and St Nicholas’s Cathedral in awe, both of these buildings are almost a thousand years old and guess what? They’re still functional. Everything about these buildings from the way they look, how people have used them over the centuries and how well preserved they are all things to be appreciated. Team Build Construction, a New Castle construction company that admires ancient architecture invites you to explore some of New Castle’s oldest and most well preserved buildings. You can check out the list they’ve prepared for you here at

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