Interesting Facts Related to Car Number Plates That You Probably Didn’t Know of

When it comes to getting a vehicle registration process done, it is long and tedious. However, the process is prolonged even further for people who are usually getting a customized car registration done and it is also very expensive. The process of licensing is over a century old and like most things it evolved over time and has gone from a small scale practice to a much more common trend and is now part of almost every vehicle that is being driven on the road.

If you are planning on getting your own vehicle a custom made registration number to make it more meaningful then you should check out Cherished Number Plates – The Private Plate Company as it is gaining more and more popularity by each passing day. Today, we will be shedding light on some of the most interesting facts related to car registration number plates, check them out below.

Origin of Registration Numbers

Tracing back history has always been one of the most interesting things about various commodities. Looking back in time, the practice of registering vehicles i.e. assigning a specific number to vehicles was started in France in the year 1893 when the Paris Police Ordinance was passed.

Material of Earliest License Plates

The oldest or the very first license plates in the history of the world were made using porcelain and iron with the method of baking and others were made with ceramic that involved no baking process. The plates were fragile and extremely breakable.

Collector’s Item

A lot of people have developed collecting license plates as a hobby but since the older ones are now considered vintage and rare, one can earn millions of dollars on their collection.

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