How to Make a Jammed Paper Shredder Work Again

Before we start giving our readers tip on how they can fix a jammed paper shredder, we would like to point out the reason that causes the jam. The main and most common reason that causes a paper jam in a paper shredder is that people try to feed the machine more paper sheets that it can handle. Every paper shredder has its own capacity and you should be aware of it so that you never overfeed it or you will be stuck with a jammed paper shredder which is quite a hassle. Another less common reason that causes the paper shredder to jam up is when people try to have fun and put in things other than paper into the paper shredder which can ultimately destroy the shredder and can even injure the person in some cases so we would urge people to not do these kinds of childish acts.

On a side note, if you have been searching for a commercial sort of paper shredder then you should read this commercial paper shredder review and it will give you great insight on the matter. Let us now get to the main topic of making a shredder work again once it jams up.

Reverse Mode

This tip might not work for every paper shredder but some of the machines have this reverse mode where the machine emits out the paper so you can always try using that to get the jammed papers out but do it ever so gently and do not hit the machine or use force.

Manual Retrieval

You can always try to retrieve the jammed papers but taking off the shredder head and taking out the papers but always remember to do this very carefully or you might hurt yourself.

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