Different Knife Blade Edges Types

Just like there are different handles for knives, there are different blade edges types too and each blade edge serves a particular purpose. When you are purchasing a knife, you need to know the different kinds, the handle that you want and the specific type of blade edge that you will like to use.

You can only determine which knife is the best knife for cutting meat if you have knowledge about the different types of blade edges of knives which is why we have talked about the most common and useful blade edges that are seen in kitchens of every other household.

Straight Edge

This is the most common type of edge that is seen in every other commercial knife is the straight edge or flat ground which can be identified by its characteristic look. The blade is sharp and can be used for most common types of cutting.

Granton Edge

You can recognize this certain edge by the little small pockets in the blade which are there because they produce air space between the outer layer of the item being cut and the knife. These small pockets or hollowed out spaces are on the both sides of the blade for the ultimate cutting experience. We would suggest that you use this knife when you wish to cut thin portions of poultry, ham or beef.

Serrated Edge

This particular kind of edge is identified by the teeth that are present along the edge and is often called wavy or scalloped edge. They are perfect if you wish to cut any product that has a hard crust or skin but the inside is soft as it will protect the soft part from tearing but would beautifully and precisely cut the hard outer layer. They are mostly used to cut bread or fruits.

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